By baboon KZN children attacked

Shopprice ZA:

The six and 10-year-old children that were injured when a baboon attacked them on a farm in Richmond, KwaZulu-Natal are recovering in hospital.Seluleko Xaba, 6 and Sne Mkhize, 10 endured lacerations in the attack which occured over the weekend.


The attack happened at Progress Farm when the children were visiting their grandparents. Their grandfather Bhekumusi Xaba  came to their rescue and chased the animal away. Xaba says, “The wound (on Seluleko’s chest) was so deep that you could see what looks like a lung… and there was blood streaming.” There are troops of wild and rehabilitated baboons on the farm and the family says the week before they had come close to the homestead, but were chased away.

The community is now demanding that the farm owner remove the animals. Farm owner Dave Aanesgaard says he has taken steps to ensure the safety of the community until a permanent solution is found.  Aanesgaard says there will be regular security guard patrols. However, he has permission to keep the baboons as he has a permit.

The baboon which attacked the children was put down.