At delay claims, attorney of Gavin Rajah hit back

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The acclaimed South African designer’s attorneys say that Chelsea Liu did not withdraw her litigation against him because of delays on their part.

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Nicqui Galaktiou, Director at Brian Kahn Attorneys, on Wednesday slammed an allegation that charges brought against the designeere r wdropped because of delays caused by his legal team.Women24 reported on Tuesday that Chelsea Liu brought unspecified charges against him and then dropped it  “due to delays by Rajah’s lawyers”.As previously reported, Chelsea Liu, an Asian-American designer, recently alleged Gavin Rajah of stealing her designs on Facebook.

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Liu’s husband, Marc Janke, told in an emailthat Liu and Rajah were planning to launch a bridal line together called Ready to Wed, but the dresses featured in the show in June 2015 were designed by Liu specifically for that show which featured only her original designs. “Gavin has no right to use these images. Ready to Wed was planned to launch later. Obviously that business venture never started and is no longer possible. The website for Ready to Wed does not exist and never did as far as we know,” said Janke.According to Janke, he and Liu have formerly filed a court case against Rajah, but withdrew it after what they say were constant delays from Rajah’s lawyers and their own family obligations.


According to Galaktiou, the case was opened on 18 March 2016 and then dropped on 12 April 2016. “It is incomprehensible that it could have been withdrawn because of delays and the only logical inference is that Ms Liu did not pursue same because of the lack of prospects of success,” claimed Galaktiou.A second Facebook post by Liu contained a screenshot that allegedly shows Rajah threatening to contact the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services if Liu failed to remove her “malicious” Facebook posts.

Rajah has released a statement through his attorneys denying these allegetion and saying that Liu’s claims are unfounded and scandalous.After several attempts by to contact Mr Rajah directly via phone and email, he still remains unavailable for comment.