Shashi Naidoo’s Top 5 Fitness Tips

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shashi naidoo

“Summer bodies are made in winter!”

Shashi Naidoo shares some serious #fitspo for keeping in shape during the colder months.

As part of Shashi’s strict exercise routine she tries to fit in 3 – 4 Movement X classes a week. Movement X is a high intensity interval training and she has found it to be the best way to stay toned and keep those unwanted kilograms off.

“I am not a naturally skinny person so I do have to watch what I eat; I don’t agree with the concept of dieting but rather avoid junk food, sugar and unhealthy carbs like white bread and pasta.”

shashi naidoo


1) Completely cut out fizzy drinks. They are packed with sugar which we now know is the devil and highly addictive. The more you put in your system, the more your body will crave it.

2) Perfect playlist. Put together a workout compilation of all your favourite music. It definitely makes the workout more enjoyable.

3) Drink up! It is really important to stay hydrated so your metabolism can work at an optimal pace and so that you can stay energised.

4) It’s okay to hit the snooze button. It’s not always possible but I aim for at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night. I find when I’m not tired I don’t crave energy in the form of sweets and chocolates and I have far more energy in my training sessions.

5) Add variation to your workout. I find doing the same thing everyday  a little boring, so a I try to include classes like movement X or yoga to spice things up.

shashi naidoo