Nandi Mngoma’s clothing range to go GLOBAL!

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Nandi Mngoma ruled the red carpet at the 2016 BET Awards on Sunday.

Following the success of her red carpet appearance in her own fashion line, actress and musician Nandi Mngoma has announced that her upcoming fashion range will be released globally from August.

Nandi drew praise from fashion critics around the world, including from CNN, Elle US, E! Online, Page Six and UK’s Daily Mail, when she appeared on the BET Awards red carpet wearing something from her debut clothing range, Colour.

The praise has seen a high global demand for Nandi’s range, which will only be officially unveiled at AFI Fashion Week in August, and has led to the star announcing a global release for the brand.

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“My clothing line, which was meant to start locally and then expand globally, will be available GLOBALLY due to the demand of this look,” she wrote in a Instagram post announcing the move.

The range will be distributed globally via shipping but Nandi hinted that US orders may be made easier by her jumping between the US and South Africa for projects later in the year.

We can’t wait to see what else Nandi has up her sleeve!