Are we growing immune to the hype around new smartphones?

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Smartphone shoppers are less obsessed with owning the latest and greatest Smartphone.

Even with Apple’s iPhone 7 just around the corner, it seems plenty of people are happy to settle for older smartphones.

It’s that time of year again when the Apple hype machine goes into overdrive in anticipation of the new iPhone – increased this year because it’s a major overhaul rather than an incremental ‘S’ upgrade.

You’d expect iPhone lovers to put their shopping plans on hold until the new model hits the shelves but there’s growing interest in older smartphones, according to the stats from’s mobile search feature.

In the last six months the iPhone 6 was the most searched for smartphone, despite being released in 2014.

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Of course people wouldn’t be searching for deals on the iPhone 7 yet, so it’s tempting to dismiss this statistic as irrelevant, but when you dig deeper there’s certainly a trend.

After the iPhone 6, the next most popular handset was the iPhone 5s, which was originally released in 2013. It came in just ahead of last year’s iPhone 6s Plus, making it clear that not everyone is excited about the latest and greatest smartphones when they know an older, cheaper model can still do the job.

iOS10 is still in beta, but when it’s released later in the year it will be backwards compatible with the iPhone 5s, 6, 6s and 6s Plus.

You’re likely to miss out on a few features, but that won’t bother some people. More frustrating is that iOS10 will probably run like a dog on old iPhones (it happens every year), so it’s worth waiting for Apple to release one or two iOS10 updates before taking the plunge.

It’s not just iPhone shoppers who are in search of a good deal on an older handset, with the two-year old Samsung Galaxy S5 also making’s list of Top 5 most-searched for phones.
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The Android market is a bit different, because if you’re on a tight budget you can look for a new mid-range Android phone rather than shopping around for a discount on an old flagship.

Mid-range Android phones have improved significantly in recent years and this way you’re more likely to be able to run the latest version of Android, as the update cycle for older Android handsets is very hit and miss.

When it comes to plans, it appears the majority of us aren’t prepared to sign up for a 24-month contract.

The search results are split evenly three ways between 24-month contracts, 30-day contracts and pre-paid.

Of course these figures are distorted by the fact that some smartphone shoppers who want the latest model wouldn’t bother doing any research – they’d just walk into the phone shop and demand the latest smartphone.

- Sydney Morning Herald