Woman loses laptop on plane, told to fly to Romania to collect it

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She was flying from Dublin to London but her laptop continued on to Romania.

A woman who accidentally forgot her laptop onboard a Ryanair flight only just got the device back after months of it being in Romania. Susan Connolly was flying from Dublin to London in April when she was asked to place her laptop in the overhead locker as she was seated in the emergency exit row.

The writer arrived at Stansted airport in the UK and during her shuttle bus ride from the plane to the airport, Connolly realised she had left her computer behind.

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When she asked a lady at the Ryanair check-in desk if she could obtain it back, “They said they had already checked the plane and there was no way to recheck it,” Connolly told The Sun.

Eventually, the 31-year-old received an email saying her laptop had been found.

All of Connolly’s novel drafts were on her laptop. Photo: Getty Images

“I got an email from Romania saying they had found my laptop, because the plane I had got from Dublin to London had then gone on to Romania,” she said. “Bucharest Airport said they could send it back via a Ryanair plane to Stansted but I would have to give notice that I understood it might get damaged.”

Unbeknownst to Connolly, she had to wait three gruelling months until Ryanair decided to send it back to London.

After patiently waiting for the airline to update her about the missing laptop, she called Bucharest Airport who apparently said Ryanair refused to post it back to her.

“The only option I had was either to fly there myself or to make a friend in Bucharest who I can nominate go and pick up my laptop, which to me seems ridiculous,” she said.

Three months after the laptop was reported lost, Ryanair sent it back to her. Photo: Getty Images

“I don’t understand why they can’t arrange for me to get it back.”

Since emails and phone calls weren’t getting her anywhere, Connolly took to Twitter to rant her rage and has since gotten her laptop back.

Poor lady, what an ordeal!