This Week’s News Recap

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A lot has happened in the last few days. Spring sprung and tempers flared over hair. Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, we’ve round-up the week’s news and happenings for you. Here goes:

Racism once again reared its ugly head in South Africa this week. On Monday, the country woke up to yet another disappointing racism incident, this time, at Pretoria Girls High. The all-girl high school was brought to a standstill when black students took to the streets in protest against alleged racist practices at the school; the most contentious of which being that students were forced to straighten their “untidy” natural hair.

The news sparked outrage and sent the country into a frenzy with many South Africans standing in solidarity with the girls and condemning the allegations. Many Mzansi celebs took to their social media pages to express their thoughts and anger over the discriminatory practices at the school. The news even reached international ears and had celebrities such as actress, Thandie Newton and singer and natural hair icon, Solange Knowles speaking up.

Solange and Thandie gave their shoutouts to Zulaikha Patel, the 13-year-old student who had now become the face of the movement. This is what they tweeted:

We also enjoyed seeing actress, Omuhle Gela without her weaves; spotting a massive and gorgeous afro, all in support of the girls.

Kudos to all these girls.

In other news, former Metro FM DJ Penny Lebyane has allegedly been cleaned out by the courts after failing to make payments towards a R65 830 debt. According to Sunday Sun, the Sunrise host had her furniture auctioned after she defaulted on a rental agreement in 2014. It’s understood Penny got into a lease agreement with Fiona Hudgson in 2012 and breached the contract in 2013.

SPOTTED Hear me move premiere (7) Penny Lebyane

Some of the goods auctioned included; a double-door fridge, washing machine, bedroom suite, three TVs, microwave, dining room suite and a gas heater.

Yes, I did owe Fiona, but payments have been made to her with regards to the R65 800 which was in arrears when I wasn’t working in 2013 to 2014. I didn’t know my things have been auctioned off. I thought they’d be returned after I’ve settled the debt,” she told the weekly publication.

We’re glad Penny is back on her feet again and her financial woes a thing of the past.

And finally, if you ever thought your dreams were not valid or too silly, then think again. Caster Mokgadi Semenya is proof that anything is possible, if you just dream. The Olympic gold medalist is an inspiration and hero to many and has added another feat to her arm-long list of achievements and excellence.

Spotted South African Sports Awards (9)Castor Semenya

The distance runner took to her Facebook page earlier this week, to share her excitement at seeing herself on the famous Chappies bubblegum, Did You Know wrappers. She expressed her joy and shared how she used to read the Chappies wrapper facts as a young girl, never thinking that she’d one day read about herself. “Look at God,” she concludes the post.

Well done Mokgadi, you are a remarkable woman and an inspiration to us all!