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This festive mantra sees two African countries come together yet again to create melodic genius. Nigerian dancehall and Reggae artist Patoranking collaborates with South African Hip Hop artist AKA (SUPA MEGA) to produce a lyrical celebration of the infatuation in a newly found romance.

“Special Fi Mi” meaning “Special For Me” sparks a wave of passion and euphoria as you are enthused through the different genres of music creatively amalgamated together to not only make you want to sing along but get up and take over the dance floor.

The introduction of the catchy and melodic saxophone interlude in the chorus brings a classic sound to which listeners of all ages can recognize and enjoy. Praising a flourishing romance, this harmonious declaration reveals a humble amorous side to these artists which is a refreshing twist to the stereotypical hardcore tone of hip hop and intense resonance of dancehall and reggae. Could this be the song that AKA wrote for Bonang? Let us know your thoughts!

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