An iPhone 7 is frozen in Coca-Cola for 12 hours

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The big question is…does it survive?

Newsflare has shared tech vlogger, TechRax’s, video of an iPhone 7 being frozen in Coca-Cola for 12 hours.

TechRax wanted to see if Apple’s newest phone product really was completely water – (and we guess coke) – resistant.

The video was filmed in California over the weekend, with an iPhone 7 being covered in a lot of soft drink and then put in a freezer. The coke-covered phone was then left for 12 hours.

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After a short time-lapse the video shows a block of frozen coke and a hand hammering it until it breaks apart. The iPhone 7 is in the middle of the coke block and is still working.

The phone is slightly foggy (probably from freezing ice), but ultimately the camera and screen are clear after a wipe and everything functions as normal.

Amazingly it survives! Source: Newsflare


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