Crystal Weale is the kind of woman your mom would love

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Crystal Marcelle Weale is a Zimbabwean-born stylist and model based in London. When she’s not dressing models in the finest gear (or wearing them herself), she’s the creative director of AcureWorld, a creative and lifestyle group that covers fashion, music, radio, TV and more. Highsnobiety recently featured her in their “Meet the Muse” section, and asked her a few questions – scroll down to see some highlights (or click through to read the whole thing), and to see some of her best Instagrams.


Describe your style.

Being a student with no real reason to dress up, I like to keep it laid back and comfortable. I don’t like to wear anything too restricting if I don’t have to, so a lot of joggers, leggings, crop tops and oversized tees and trainers.

Which publications do you go to for style inspiration?

Honestly I wouldn’t say that my style is very much inspired by publications, but I do take note of what is in the fashion sections of Highsnobiety and Dazed.

How do you keep up with the constant flood of information and content that’s out there?

Mostly through social media. I turn on notifications for certain Instagram pages and I like to keep an eye on my timeline to see what’s going on in the world, and what people are excited about or feel necessary to share their opinions on. Then there’s a load of different folders of websites and blogs that I have bookmarked, which I browse through when I have time to update myself.

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