Get Glam Makeup in 10 Minutes

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There is a lot of satisfaction in looking your best for an important night out, and there is no reason for it to take hours. With glam makeup, you can choose a focal point you want to stand out the most, and keep the rest of your look relatively simple. This will give you a glamorous but sophisticated end result.

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Bold lips

glam makeup

If you spend three minutes making your lips a statement piece, the rest of your makeup can be as simple and as understated as you want. Remember to invest in a good lip liner, as this will keep the colour confined to your lips – you’ll have a neat, strong line, which is very important with strong colours.

Shimmery Eyeshadow

glam makeup

Your eyes can be just as an important a focal point as your lips, and the way to accomplish this is trough shimmery or metallic eyeshadow. A flattering, classy way to incorporate it is through a smoky eye technique, as this will prevent the glimmer from looking cheap and overdone.

Luscious Lashes

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The false lash look can take very long to perfect and if you don’t use the right product you can end up looking very tacky. Guarantee your glam look by investing in a good mascara that can give you the length and volume you could never pull off during the day. Now is the chance for you to be ultra-feminine with those fluttering lashes – no glam look is complete without them!

Keep your eyebrows straight

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An arched brow is a quick way to make your look too overdone, and it takes very long to make this look work. Straight brows are all the rage now, and the good news is they take almost no time to perfect. Just make sure you have a good eyebrow pencil in the right colour, and you won’t need any time at all.

Contouring can be quick

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You may not have time for a full contouring session, but that is no excuse not to highlight. The faster version of contouring is to use powders on the surface of your makeup instead of using cream foundations at the base.

For a lesson in quick contouring using powders, see the video below:

Glam does not have to take hours! If you follow these basic guidelines, you can cut your makeup time down to ten minutes and still look as if you just walked out of a full beauty treatment. You really don’t want to spend the whole evening in front of the mirror, do you?