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The makers of Silverguard made come into existence a being a mother panty and band that give higher comfort and support for with young mothers while offering not covered by general rule system of care for trade for baby.A dear event such as pregnancy deserves higher underclothing, and the need to have a feeling of untroubled times, relaxed 1 and comfortable is very important for both baby and mom.

The patented X-Static clear silver thread woven into the cloth of these clothing is what makes them really special: Silverguard fabrics have been made clear to offer a high level of the system of care for trade from electromagnetic radio rays gave out by cell phones, microwave ovens, television guides and many other apparatuses met every day. Electromagnetic radio rays are the reason why science, medical experts do not give hope unnecessary x-rays 2 of pregnant women.Just as importantly, silver is also well certain for its anti-bacterial properties, for this reason, safe-keeping baby and mother from damaging infections 3, such as the candida bacteria 4 that many pregnant women have pain of from.

Another good quality of Silverguard cloth powered by X-Static is thermal 5 regulation.This means that the underclothing feels readily noted vessel to keep things cold in summer and warmer in winter, adding in addition comfort for mother throughout pregnancy. And because the patented silver thread is woven into the product, all these properties keep being unchanged over time, even after done over again washes.


Shopprice South Africa

Furthermore, as an outcome of the wound-care and anti-bacterial properties of silver, the Silverguard being a mother band is also recommended to give help to making (getting) well as well as forced together after C-section surgery.silverguard-maternity-beltSilverguard being a mother BeltNumerous starting points have relation to the antibacterial 6 properties of silver, saying the name of that Hippocrates, the father of medical activity, knew of its making (getting) well and anti-disease properties. In earth war I, before the month before the birthday of Christ of antibiotics 7, silver was an important fighting instrument against infection 8and disease caused by wounds 9 on the place of the fight. in harmony with to person doing teaching AB Lansdowne, of the UKs imperial college, higher education teaching group of medical substance, silver has a making secret designs history as an antibiotic 10 in to do with man caring for being healthy. It is used in water clean-making, wound care, bone prosthesis 11, orthopaedic 12 surgery 13, cardiac 14apparatuses, catheters 15 and surgical 16 devices.

Silverguard in South Africa is a licensee of Noble Biomaterials, the American business company that patented X-Static silver thread. This thread has been made observations and tested by leading institutions around the earth. It is recorded, listed as a germicide 17 and is widely taken in the medical group. It is 100% safe, natural, non-toxic and has in it no chemicals.The X-Static thread has in it a level of clear silver forever joined to the top of a cloth thread. The process is such that the thread, with its silver covering, board, keeps in mind old and wise cloth and touch-based qualities. It can be used in work wool into cloth by hand and woven- or non-woven cloths, as either a filament 18 or turned rough wool, while making ready all the benefits certain to be natural to clear silver only in a new form and size as a cloth fibre.silverguard-maternity-pantySilverguard


Shopprice South Africa

silver guard-maternity-pantySilverguard being a mother PantyIn addition to the being a mother band and panty, Silverguard South Africa has also partnered with the well within one’s knowledge
Snuggletime very to take a range of baby products to Baby City do trade with general public outlets nationwide. The range includes baby bed bed-cushion, fitted sheets, baby cushions, cushion cases and the bit of wood pillowsSimilarly to all Silverguard clothes, the Snuggletime Silverguard range makes certain a bacteria-free general condition for baby. This gives the sense of words to anti-dust-mite and anti-allergy system of care for trade while also making ready the in addition benefits of thermal 5 regulation.The Silverguard being a mother panty and band are ready (to be used) in a wide range of sizes and can be discovered in selected pharmacies 19 and stores being the (becoming) expert with special knowledge in maternity-wear. products are also ready (to be used) directly from Silverguard.

Recommended offer of goods at small amounts price for the being a mother Belt is R358.74 and R447.43 for the Panty both prices took in of VAT.More knowledge and person in touch details can be discovered on our place in the net.

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