8 Ways to beat the heat

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Dear summer, we love that you’ve given us beachy locks and a golden glow, but man, we sure hate what you do to our makeup!
If like us you’re tired of your mascara smudging and your base streaking off your face in the heat then read on…

Here’s our eight tips on how to ‘meltproof’ your makeup. Later, smears!

1 No-fade blush 

Cream blush formulas contain more pigment and less powder – which means they won’t slide off easily, ensuring that you keep that sexy glow going. Use your index finger to tap blush onto the fullest part of your cheek. The colour will set quickly, but it’ll last all day.



2 Stay-put lips
For serious staying power, opt for a longwear lippie or gloss; the formulas outlast the rest as they’re blended with thicker emollients. Colour lastslonger on smooth lips, so dab on lots of balm before applying colour.




3 Budge-proof base
Your new summer saviour? Yep, it’s that beauty favourite: BB cream. Multi-tasking BB creams contain less wax than regular foundation, so your coverage is less likely to melt away in the heat. Look for  a formula that’s UVA and UVB resistant, and enriched with thermal water to help soothe sun-sensitive skin. Then set your look with a silica-enriched powder to help keep your T-zone slip-slide free.

4 Smudge-free eyes
Want to repel water, oil and sweat? Polymers are set to become your new BFF! They’re found in eyeshadow creams and gels and they stop makeup from creasing or running – even on muggy days. Apply with a tiny brush for pro results, or go all out and sweep a bright eyeshadow across lids with your finger. Then swipe on two layers of waterproof mascara to seal the deal.

5 Heat-resistant hair
Kiss limp locks, greasy roots and humidity-hampered hair goodbye! Work a dry shampoo into roots with your fingers  to boost body after a day in the sun. The micronised powders will absorb any oil and sweat, while giving frazzled strands a much-needed texture boost. Plus, it’s small enough to fit into your beach bag!




6 Flawless face
Set your look with a setting spray to give your makeup longevity and to refresh over-heated skin.





7 Keep it simple
In summer, the more product you put on, the more likely your makeup will move around and begin to run.

8 Don’t sweat it!
Your secret weapon to beat sweat-inducing weather? Blotting papers! They’re designed to soak up sweat and oil while makeup stays put. Keep a pack in your bag for a quick fix.